Ginger Noteboom

Ginger Noteboom

Partner; Executive Benefits Specialist

Phone: 480-827-8445 ext. 11

Ginger’s history in the health care industry gives her the edge in the Health Insurance Markets. She spent 7 years at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California and was awarded the Outstanding Employee Award in 1995. Since then, she has moved into management positions to include Construction Coordination and an Administrator at Scottsdale School District.

In those years at Scripps Memorial, Ginger witnessed the reality of individuals and families devastated by accidents due to improper insurance coverage’s or no coverage at all. The opportunity to solve the problem before it happens arose in 2002 with Cook Financial Services. Ginger is actively involved in the Chandler Chamber of Commerce. Now she is a valuable member of the Highland Group, and brings her expertise, integrity, and knowledge to the table.

In Ginger’s spare time she enjoys watching her boys play sports, climbs mountains, and rollerblades